Founded in 2018 in a room called La Rotonde in Paris, Les 3 chambres started its life with Les voix de la non-violence: a new play about Winnie Mandela, Coretta Scott-King, Abha Gandhi and Amtul Salaam.


Out of this came a company promising to make theatre to challenge accepted histories, reveal forgotten voices and look towards new political futures.


Our first show was invited to headline an anti-racism festival at the Panthéon in Paris, and will be there under its new title Sans Rancune in April 2019. 

Our next show, commissioned for COLLECTiONS festival in association with Vivre Quartier Latin, brought to life three family dinners: each in a society where the mode of consumption has been changed.

3 bis rue Lecocq 

94250 Gentilly 

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